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Lync Server 2013 July 2013 Cumulative Update Released

Microsoft released their 2nd Cumulative Update to Lync Server 2013; called Lync Server 2013 July 2013 Cumulative Update.  The cumulative update can be downloaded from http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2809243

Microsoft has changed their naming convention for Lync Cumulative Updates.  Instead of using numbers, such as CU2, the month and year will now be used; July 2013.

Most of the Lync components were updated and these new fixes were released:

  • 2848328      Persistent Chat or Persistent Chat Compliance services fail to start and log EVENT 53505 if you uninstall the Lync Server 2013 (July 2013) Cumulative Updates
  • 2846478      Display names of federated contacts do not appear in a Lync Server 2013 environment
  • 2846479      User in a Distribution Group cannot join a chat room in a Lync Server 2013 environment
  • 2846484      An unhanded exception occurs on a Lync Server 2013 Persistent Chat SDK-based application
  • 2846485      Long delay when you create many conferences at the same time in a Lync Server 2013 environment
  • 2846489      Lync Server 2013 RGS incorrectly redirects a call to the queue overflow call action
  • 2853996      Internet Explorer users cannot join a Lync Server 2013 meeting
  • 2854647      You cannot sign in to a dial-in conferencing webpage in Google Chrome browser by using IWA in Lync Server 2013

Additionally the cumulative update improves the reliability, stability, and performance of

  • Lync Server 2013, Administrative Tools.
  • Lync Server 2013, Web Conferencing Server.
  • Lync Server 2013, Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 Runtime.
  • Lync Server 2013, Call Park service.
  • Lync Server 2013, Conferencing Server.
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